Standing with the nation in the fight against Covid-19

For five years we’ve been responding to natural disasters, preventing and alleviating suffering for the hardest to reach and most vulnerable people. Our usual challenge is how to reach remote and isolated communities with vital aid.

As Covid-19 spread, we took on a new challenge: fighting a deadly virus threatening the UK’s population and the essential frontline services needed to save lives and keep people protected. As the nation went into lockdown, we mobilised, doing what we do best: rapid response, finding the need and establishing fast and effective solutions.

During the past few months, our dedicated volunteers have been working round the clock.

We’ve been helping NHS hospitals with mortuary tasks, PPE assembly, hospital bed installations and keeping staff going with on-site food supplies; we’ve worked with local authorities and health care providers to ensure delivery of PPE; we’ve supported councils and other organisations and charities caring for our most vulnerable people in the community, conducting welfare checks, rehousing rough sleepers and delivering essential food and provisions; we’ve been assisting care homes with vital testing of residents and staff.

To date, our volunteers have put in an incredible amount of hours of voluntary labour over the course of 100 days of our Covid-19 response.

It’s not the hours and the days worked that we count as the most important but the number of people we’ve impacted.

We’re there for people in their hour of need. We want to always be there. Your support can help make a huge difference.

“This would not have been pulled off without the support of volunteers such as those from RE:ACT – they are a new organisation to me but (as one would expect from the ex-military) very capable, adaptable and able to take the initiative to solve a problem no-one has encountered before.”

Professor James Calder, Clinical Lead NHS Nightingale Hospital

“The support we received from everyone at RE:ACT has been fantastic and came at a particularly challenging time for us as an organisation, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. I would like to pay tribute to every volunteer we worked with, who were not only a huge asset in terms of practical support but who were also incredibly positive and really helped keep the wider team’s spirits up, which was invaluable.”

Alyson Constantine, Chief Operating Officer of Liverpool Clinical Laboratories at Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Your support in offering disaster relief is remarkable, and I hope you do not underestimate the relief you provided to hundreds of families over the last few months.”

The Duke of Sussex

“I am astounded by the generosity of spirit all of you have shown towards this project. Without you guys none of this would have been possible.”

Jason Mawer, Help NHS Heroes