Our Impact

How we deliver our mission.

RE:ACT is a humanitarian charity that rapidly responds to disasters and emergencies in the UK and overseas, deploying our highly trained RE:ACT Response Teams as soon as disaster strikes.

We specialise in high tempo, dynamic and complex emergencies and crises, applying military capabilities to serve people in need and support critical infrastructure.

At the beginning of the Covid pandemic in the UK, RE:ACT quickly turned its attention from international disaster response to the developing situation at home. In March 2020, realising that we could help make a difference, we launched Op RE:ACT, our response to the Covid crisis in the UK.

For 449 days RE:ACT worked in collaboration with emergency services, local councils, government agencies, the military and the voluntary and community sector, to identify and respond to unmet needs. Op RE:ACT was brought to a successful end in June 2021.

This Impact Report demonstrates RE:ACT’s humanitarian work in 2020/21, covering the period 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021, and our continued commitment to step up and provide direct action in emergencies and crises, including:

  • Supporting local unmet needs in communities, which involved the delivery of over 382 tonnes of food aid across the UK.
  • Assisting the UK’s emergency services and critical infrastructure by supporting the distribution of over 10 million items of PPE
  • Helping to get the UK on the road to recovery by supporting 16 vaccination sites across the nation.
  • Collaborating with other actors as part of a coordinated, multi-agency response.

Download this report:

RE:ACT Impact Report 2020/21

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