Our Purpose

Prevent human suffering

We never let challenges stand in our way.

For over five years, we’ve been responding to international disasters, enabling life-saving aid such as food, shelter and clean water, to reach the people who couldn’t access it.

In that time, we’ve helped over 423,000 people; overcoming considerable obstacles by remaining focused on our mission.

When the Covid-19 crisis rapidly spread and the UK was at a critical moment, we turned our focus to where we were most needed; stepping up to help the nation as it entered lockdown.

Emergency Covid-19 Response

Standing with the Nation

3,798COVID-19 Tests facilitated

4,401Safe & Well checks conducted

2,433Medical Deliveries Supported

10M+PPE Items Distributed

1.3MMeals Supported

84Hospitals Supported

Over 600 trained RE:ACT Responders and 5000 military veterans rallied and mobilised to support the national effort.

RE:ACT Responders and veteran volunteers have played a vital role in supporting NHS workers, assisting temporary mortuaries, operating mobile testing units and helping tackle growing issues of homelessness and food poverty.

We continue to work in close collaboration with the voluntary and community sector, including the British Red Cross and VCS EP, as well as with Business in the Community, government authorities and the Army, to bolster under pressure frontline services and fill critical gaps at a local and national level, ensuring the needs of the most vulnerable are met.


Your support can make a huge difference.