Building Resilience Together: REACT joins Voluntary Sector Resilience Partnership in Scotland

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Posted by Laura Butlin 27th March 2024 News

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In a move aimed at bolstering community resilience in Scotland, REACT has joined the Voluntary Sector Resilience Partnership, attending its first meeting of the year on 27th March. This strategic partnership, which brings together voluntary and public sector response organisations, serves as a cornerstone in fortifying communities against unforeseen adversities. The involvement of the voluntary sector in such initiatives is pivotal, ensuring a comprehensive approach to resilience building in Scotland.

The Voluntary Sector Resilience Partnership is more than just a forum; it's a collaborative platform where Category 1 and 2 responders, alongside voluntary sector entities, converge to exchange insights and actions crucial for Scotland's resilience landscape. The recent meeting, marking the commencement of activities for 2024, witnessed significant developments aimed at enhancing the efficacy of the partnership.

One of the key highlights of the meeting was the approval of changes to the Voluntary Sector Advisory Group, which is chaired by Rob Murray, Director for British Red Cross in Scotland. The inclusion of REACT Disaster Response and Scottish Mountain Rescue in these discussions further underscored the diversity of expertise and perspectives brought to the table.

Among the array of topics deliberated upon during the session were National Honours, The Scottish Government's Climate Adaptation Consultation, Storm Babet, Disclosure Scotland Consultation, and the Community Asset Register. Rob Murray, in expressing gratitude to all resilience partners in Scotland, said, "Massive thanks to all resilience partners in Scotland. By working in collaboration we can ensure we support people during crises and build resilience in our communities." His words underline the collective commitment towards fostering resilience and solidarity across Scottish communities.

Central to the success of the Voluntary Sector Resilience Partnership is the unwavering support provided by the Resilience Team within The Scottish Government. Their dedication in offering insightful briefings and steadfast support has been instrumental in driving the partnership's objectives forward.

REACT’s Regional Lead in Scotland said “I am delighted to have been asked to join the Voluntary Sector Advisory Group and am very much looking forward to contributing and bringing the collective experience from REACT Disaster Response to the table.”

As the Voluntary Sector Resilience Partnership continues to evolve, the integration of diverse perspectives and expertise, reaffirms the collective determination to navigate challenges and foster resilience within Scotland's communities. Through sustained collaboration and proactive measures, the partnership stands poised to fortify communities, ensuring their ability to withstand and recover from adversities, both present and future.