Since March 2022, RE:ACT has been at the forefront of efforts to address the urgent needs of the Ukrainian people. Working under the banner of Operation Pace, our incredible RE:ACT Responders have deployed on the ground in Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and here in the UK, to support the global humanitarian effort in response to the conflict. 

On deploying, we quickly assessed where we could have the greatest impact, and rapidly formed partnerships with local NGOs to maximise our shared resources and expertise. Together, we’ve established supply corridors to ensure aid from around Europe is collected and transported quickly and safely to the people who need it most. We’ve also assisted a local Moldovan NGO to manage an influx of nearly 4,000 volunteers who are keen to lend their time and skills to support refugees.

Here’s amazing RE:ACT Responder Caroline giving an update from a warehouse in Poland, where incoming goods are prepared for the next stage of their journey into Lviv, Ukraine.

We’re listening to local people and prioritising the items they need most. Our supply chains are moving essential supplies like food, hygiene kits, medical supplies and generators into Lviv. From there, goods travel onwards to more than thirty distribution hubs across Ukraine, and finally into the hands of the Ukrainian people who need them most.

Our work in Eastern Europe continues apace, and we’d like to thank all of our partner organisations and donors who are making Operation Pace possible. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to meet the urgent needs of people affected by the Ukraine conflict.

If you can help to fund our work, please do: