UK Flood Appeal: Help us be there

Help us train and equip UK Flood Responders

UK Flood Appeal: Help us be there

Every year, countless families across the UK face the devastating effects of flooding. Homes are destroyed, lives are disrupted, and communities are left in turmoil. More than 5 million homes in the UK are currently at risk of flooding and in just ten years, we have seen an increase in flooding events, whether from heavy rain, rivers overflowing or sea surges.

At REACT, we want to be there for people affected by these floods, but we need your support. Our goal is to raise £30,000 to train and equip four new teams of volunteer Flood Responders. These specialist Responders, based throughout the UK, will make a real difference to people experiencing flood disasters.


Richard Hood, REACT’s Water and Flood Operations Manager, understands both sides of the story, dealing with flooding professionally and having personally experienced flooding at his family home. “Even with advance warning systems in place and improved flood defences, we need to become much more resilient to and ready for greater levels of flooding in the UK. Flooding doesn’t just happen to houses and buildings, it happens to people, and it can be incredibly frightening and isolating. As well as warning and informing communities, this new equipment and specialist training allows REACT to enter flood waters and remove people from harm's way. We'll be able to better assist the emergency services and help more people.”

Floods can happen with little or no warning. Donate today and help us be there for those in need.


REACT Responders are humanitarian volunteers who give their time to help the hardest to reach and most vulnerable in the wake of an emergency or disaster. Your donation will enable them to reach even more people in their time of need.

If we're fortunate enough to raise more than the £30,000 needed to train and equip our Flood Responders, your donation will be used to train and equip our Responders for other types of emergency response.

Your donation could pay for:

 could pay for a rescue knife to free a person or responder from entanglement.

£35 could pay for a 15 metre throwline to help someone in danger.

£50 could pay for a floatation device for a child.


UK Flood Appeal: Help us be there