Covid-19 Emergency Response

Over 500 trained RE:ACT Responders and 5500 military veterans rallied to support the nation.

RE:ACT Responders and volunteers specially recruited to support our Covid-19 response, the majority of them veterans, played a vital role in the national fight against the pandemic. 

During the first wave of Covid, RE:ACT was involved in supporting vital PPE distribution, emergency food support, community testing, welfare checks for people shielding, and temporary mortuary assistance. The charity also played a key role in supporting local authorities with strategic planning and coordination. 

In wave two, RE:ACT provided vital assistance to a severely under pressure NHS, helping with hospital bed and ambulance decontamination, PPE supplies, portering and non-clinical tasks in ICU Covid Red Zones, including patient proning. RE:ACT also supported several NHS mass vaccination sites, as well as surge testing following outbreaks of Covid variants.

We worked in close collaboration with the voluntary and community sector, including the British Red Cross and VCS EP, government authorities and the military, to fill critical gaps at a local and national level, ensuring the needs of the most vulnerable were met.

To learn more about RE:ACT's Covid response, see our case studies here.

449Days supporting the fight

8,406Covid Response Volunteers

61,658Covid-19 tests facilitated

106.5KVaccinations Supported

3.1MMeals Supported

20Mortuaries Supported


Our Impact Report highlights RE:ACT’s work in 2020/21 and our continued commitment to step up and provide direct action in emergencies and crises.


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